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Lizzie Lowrie

Lizzie Lowrie

Lizzie has spent years perfecting the art of ‘going for coffee’, it’s a skill she’s proud of and one that she loves to share with anyone who’s willing to join her for a flat white. She lives in Liverpool with her husband Dave, and Betsy the dog. Lizzie spends her days writing, feeding people, exploring new coffee shops and working for the Diocese of Liverpool as a Local Missional Leader. She loves being part of the Saltwater and Honey family and is currently writing her first book, a memoir about her experience of recurrent miscarriage and how it helped her find her voice.


Why Christmas was Never Meant to be Perfect

By On 22 December 2014

I used to measure my childlessness by Christmasses, each year hoping that the next Christmas would bring with it a pregnant belly or a screaming baby, but it didn’t. I would to try find comfort each year by telling myself that maybe next year, things would be different. Maybe next year we would be three instead of two. I’ve decided…


I’ve just turned 35 and I’m scared

By On 14 October 2014

Last week was my birthday. I turned 35. Three years ago I knew I would be celebrating this birthday in a new home. I remember working out dates in my mind, realising how old I would be when Dave finished vicar training and we’d move to begin work in a church. I remember the impatience of having to wait a…



By On 30 July 2014

Apparently, the best way to survive a fall from a great height is to spread your arms, close your eyes, and relax your whole body. Yesterday I asked some ladies from church to pray for me. I asked them to pray for healing. I asked them to pray for a family for us. As they prayed, I held out my…


why I didn’t go to church this morning

By On 30 March 2014

I go to church every Sunday, but today I didn’t go. I didn’t go this time last year either, or the year before. I have friends who go to church every Sunday but have chosen to stay at home today. I know people who have lost children who won’t go to church today. I know people who have are single…


Waiting For What?

By On 20 December 2013

Waiting is hard. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for Christmas. Waiting for time off work. Waiting for lie-ins. Waiting for the turkey to roast. Waiting for family to arrive. Waiting for your dad to wake up from his post-dinner nap on the sofa. Waiting. As I learn more about the Anglican Church calendar – doing my bit as a future vicar’s wife….


Still Broken

By On 19 November 2013

It hits me suddenly, straight to my heart, then there’s that sick feeling when the room is spinning and finally a lingering sadness hovering over me, shrouding each conversation until I leave. I drive home, alone, venting my anger at any driver or cyclist who doesn’t adhere to the highway code and any traffic light daring to turn red. When…


Why the Book is Always Better than the Film

By On 25 August 2013

I’ve never heard anyone say ‘the film was better than the book’. I think it’s because shiny Hollywood stars can struggle to convey the messiness inside a character brought to life within the words on a page. For years I’ve tried to live the film adaptation of my life, you know, the one like your Facebook page; with witty comments,…


The Tastiest Meal You’ll Ever Have

By On 17 July 2013

As I sit here, my toes sliding into the sand, the warmth of the sun on my face and the gentle rolling waves playing in the background as the soundtrack to my day, a tear rolls down my cheek. I realise that I am alone and that I really do need to face the reality of what has happened. As…



By On 21 June 2013

In an attempt to describe the past week’s events, bittersweet is the only word that even comes close. Let’s start with last Wednesday and the birth of Henry, my nephew, the first baby on my side of the family. A super cute little boy who’s already brought a lot of joy to my family. We then move to Sunday and…