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A snow globe of murky hope

By On 4 November 2016

As National Fertility Awareness Week nears its conclusion, we’re pleased to be able to bring you this guest post from our friend Mark. His story comes very much from the messy middle of a journey with infertility… Someone wise once said to me – and I paraphrase because it’s been a while – ‘We are all like jars of water,…


Who is this week for?

By On 31 October 2016

Today marks the start of National Fertility Awareness Week. In the few years that this has been on my radar, I’ve often accompanied this announcement with a jingle or dance so please just imagine I am shimmying around as you read this. This year feels different for me. I could put it down to being a post-fertility treatment parent and…


Turning the question around

By On 19 October 2016

“Have you thought about adoption?” This phrase has been running around my head throughout National Adoption Week. If I’m being completely honest, it runs through my head pretty regularly. I am thinking about it. When Elis and I were coming to terms with what azoospermia meant for us (“You can use a donor or adopt” said the consultant) adoption was…



By On 1 November 2015

I can’t get my head around it – a year ago I didn’t know my daughter. In fact it’s been barely 11 months since I first heard her name, saw a tiny image of her face, imagined what it’d be like to meet her. It’s impossible to put into words those first emotions. Ben came running up the stairs saying…