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Elis Matthews

Elis is a vicar in West London, where he combines drinking tea, riding his creaky bike and leading a church. Having been diagnosed with azoospermia in 2012, he now blogs occasionally about infertility and writes spoken word on the subject. He and his lovely wife, Sheila, had fertility treatment to have their son.


Tears Are Always Good … Burps Not So Much

By On 30 January 2014

This blog comes off the back of something my beloved wife said to a friend this weekend just gone. The friend and Sheila had been in tears during an emotional and Spirit-filled act of worship. [At this point it may be worth pointing out to those reading that it’s not unusual for Christians to cry, expressing a whole range of…


Stones on the Hillside

By On 9 August 2013

Somewhere on the fine line between hope and superstition, I went for a walk. The walk started at work. This was back before I knew about having azoospermia, when having babies was still a possibility, when we were still trying out names and middle names, when we were still hopeful. I walked from the office (in the middle of woodland)…


Not an Average Monday Morning

By On 27 June 2013

“There are some magazines in the box if you’re interested.” It’s the kind of thing a pubescent boy might dream of being told by their older brother (accompanied by a nudge and a wink). But coming from a male embryologist on a Monday morning in the centre for reproductive medicine at Bart’s Hospital, the suggestion of naughty pictures did not…