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Sheila Matthews

Apart from undertaking all things vicar wifeish, Sheila enjoys spending her days drinking coffee with friends, cuddling cats, laughing until she cries, reading books and dreaming of exotic holidays. She was once a primary school teacher and may well be again. Sheila loves being a part of the Saltwater & Honey family and having the chance to share her journey through infertility.


It is good to talk

By On 30 September 2014

Being a bit of an extrovert (read that as a raging extrovert) I quite enjoy meeting people. However, whether it is my age or something else, I have begun to really struggle with small talk. Let me give you an example. I was at a party not long ago and after the initial introductions to a very pleasant lady we…


If I had wings

By On 26 August 2014

Recently, I went on holiday with my oldest friend. You know the kind of friend, the one who is really like a sister, well, you bicker like sisters at least. I never thought I’d say this but one of the highlights of the trip for me was the soundtrack. The best of Dolly Parton. My BFF decided that we should…


Looking back, moving forward

By On 23 July 2014

In June, Saltwater and Honey turned a year old. Where has the time gone, eh? A dream of an idea became a reality. From darkness came light. There are few other things in my life which fill me with more pride than being a part of this project. I’m a big fan of looking back and reminiscing about good times,…



By On 11 April 2014

Saying sorry is really hard. It is not something I’m good at. It is not something I do often. I’m really good at thinking I’m right. All the time. In our home it has become a bit of a joke – “Can you even say the word?” And I’m worried I can’t. Because sorry means I did something wrong. It…


The Fear

By On 4 February 2014

Hi. My name is Sheila and I have FOMO. Mine is pretty severe and fairly advanced. As part of my rehabilitation and recovery, I need to admit my problem, own it and move forward. So, here goes it. My name is Sheila, I’m 32 years old and I have gradually developed a bad case of Fear Of Missing Out. It…


Hope for Sale

By On 11 December 2013

Last month, National Infertility Awareness week passed by in a flurry of surprising cake toppers (yes, they were cake toppers with little sperms fertilising an egg and no, I didn’t hold back in offering people sperm cakes), being mistaken for a lesbian (repeatedly) and surviving a pretty incredible night of vulnerability. After NIAW [insert jingle and awkward dancing], I was…



By On 21 October 2013

‘For when I am weak, then I am strong’. 2 Corinthians 12:10 Talking about infertility is really uncomfortable. No, really, believe me, it is super awkward. Whatever side of the conversation you are on. I think I make it worse as I have a habit of using humour to diffuse the awkwardness. An example of this is my recent discovery…


The Key

By On 3 September 2013

…think about such things. I’ve been feeling really good. Strong, happy, hopeful. Trying new and tasty food, meeting lots of wonderful new people and feeling the relaxation of being far from your reality. Bliss. I read Lizzie’s last blog post and was so touched. The shame she admitted resonated with me. She spoke truths about my heart but in her…


Tread Softly

By On 15 July 2013

“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” W.B.Yeats Since writing my first blog post in June, I’ve been overwhelmed by the encouraging and supportive responses I have received. But I feel like a fraud. Many people called me brave. But I don’t feel it. I’m not brave. I’m frightened. I shared my journey, my grief, to try and overcome…


Hope Does Not Disappoint Us

By On 23 June 2013

Almost a year ago, my husband and I sat on our sofa reading a letter from our hospital which confirmed that we couldn’t have children together. It wasn’t completely unexpected but it was completely devastating. We held eachother and wept. And wept. We reached out to our families and friends who had been on the journey with us then retreated….