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Sheila Matthews

Sheila Matthews

Apart from undertaking all things vicar wifeish, Sheila enjoys spending her days drinking coffee with friends, cuddling cats, laughing until she cries, reading books and dreaming of exotic holidays. She was once a primary school teacher and may well be again. Sheila loves being a part of the Saltwater & Honey family and having the chance to share her journey through infertility.


The story behind the story

By On 19 October 2015

So we had a baby. Why does it feel like an apology should follow? An explanation perhaps? A sheepish shrug of the shoulders and whispered tones. I had a baby but it wasn’t straightforward. The statement sounds so simple. It doesn’t detail the years of hoping and ‘trying’, the tests, the numerous doctor’s waiting rooms, consultants, nurses, more tests, the…


Finding my voice. Again.

By On 4 September 2015

For several months now, I have been telling myself I have writer’s block. I’ve given myself many a talking to but to no avail. The thoughts and ideas whirling around my sleep deprived brain have taken shape and disappeared as quickly as our fabulous British summer. And then there are all the distractions. The Great British Bake Off began again so…


Idol Chat

By On 29 April 2015

In the summer, Elis and I are going to be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary. It comes up quite a lot in conversations at home as we have quite differing ideas on how we might mark such a momentous occasion. All my ideas tend to revolve around exotic holidays and, well, his ideas don’t. As we approach this milestone…


Let it go

By On 27 January 2015

January seems to bring out quite a mix of emotions amongst people. There is the post Christmas low, the countdown to the next pay cheque (which seems to take forever) and the seemingly endless wait until the next holiday. But then the flip side is the year of possibility which lies ahead of you, the resolutions we set and the…



By On 27 November 2014

I love Thanksgiving. It probably has a lot to do with eating your own bodyweight in food but it is also such a hopeful and happy holiday. Even if you don’t get to celebrate it officially, it seems to have got into people’s minds. What are you giving thanks for? Over the last few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot…


It is good to talk

By On 30 September 2014

Being a bit of an extrovert (read that as a raging extrovert) I quite enjoy meeting people. However, whether it is my age or something else, I have begun to really struggle with small talk. Let me give you an example. I was at a party not long ago and after the initial introductions to a very pleasant lady we…


If I had wings

By On 26 August 2014

Recently, I went on holiday with my oldest friend. You know the kind of friend, the one who is really like a sister, well, you bicker like sisters at least. I never thought I’d say this but one of the highlights of the trip for me was the soundtrack. The best of Dolly Parton. My BFF decided that we should…


Looking back, moving forward

By On 23 July 2014

In June, Saltwater and Honey turned a year old. Where has the time gone, eh? A dream of an idea became a reality. From darkness came light. There are few other things in my life which fill me with more pride than being a part of this project. I’m a big fan of looking back and reminiscing about good times,…



By On 11 April 2014

Saying sorry is really hard. It is not something I’m good at. It is not something I do often. I’m really good at thinking I’m right. All the time. In our home it has become a bit of a joke – “Can you even say the word?” And I’m worried I can’t. Because sorry means I did something wrong. It…


The Fear

By On 4 February 2014

Hi. My name is Sheila and I have FOMO. Mine is pretty severe and fairly advanced. As part of my rehabilitation and recovery, I need to admit my problem, own it and move forward. So, here goes it. My name is Sheila, I’m 32 years old and I have gradually developed a bad case of Fear Of Missing Out. It…