Over the last few months, Lizzie and I have been waiting and hoping on something new and special. We entered a podcast competition run by the BBC. It was called the Rachael Bland podcast award and they were looking for people who had something to say on a topic that they felt needed talking about.

We felt we had something to say. We entered without much expectation but a whole lot of hope. What if we got through to the next round?

Well, we did. Then we somehow got through to the final round.

SPOILER ALERT: We didn’t win.

But. This is a big but (snigger). It gave us a little taste of how much fun doing a podcast would be. The feedback we got from the BBC producer, who let us gently down, was so positive and encouraging that we threw all caution (and planning) into the wind and started a podcast.

We are taking a leap of faith that perhaps we have something to say about infertility and faith that people might want/need to hear. Logistically, we aren’t sure how this will work since we enjoy recording together (especially if it includes a glass of wine) but we are embarking on this adventure.

Here’s how you can help:

Listen and let us know what you think. We want to raise the topics/issues which are affecting our Saltwater and Honey community. What do you want to talk about? You can currently download the podcast here: https://feed.podbean.com/saltwaterandhoney/feed.xml

Hopefully it’ll be available everywhere once we get some technical issues sorted out.

Share the podcast with people you think would enjoy it or might benefit from the topics we cover. They may not be experiencing infertility but would still like to join in the conversation.

Send us your suggestions of guests you would like to hear from. We are open to meeting new people and having new conversations. Who should we be speaking to?

Finally, thank you. Thank you for your messages (which we don’t always remember to respond to). Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. Thank you for bothering to read our little blog. Thank you for liking the Facebook page (even though it is public and that’s a super vulnerable thing to do). Thank you for finding us on Instagram and getting in touch with us there. Thank you for joining us on our journeys and letting us be a part of yours.

We are so grateful.


You are not alone.

It is okay to grieve.

Your story matters.