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Dave Lowrie

Dave left a geeky life in web development for a geeky life as a vicar. He is married to the wonderful Lizzie and enjoys baking, walking the dog, hanging out in coffee shops and binge watching box sets. After a sixth miscarriage Dave felt the time was right to start telling his story and loves being part of the Saltwater & Honey collective.


She’s Incredible Too #BabyLossAwarenessWeek

By On 15 October 2018

I just saw a friend’s Facebook post announcing their new baby to the world. It of course included a shoutout to his wife who’d been incredible. She of course would have been, labour is hard. But so is miscarriage and those women, my wife included, never get the recognition for their bravery in the face of suffering with no happy…


How I Learned to be Less of a Coward

By On 9 March 2016

This blog post was written in a very honest moment and contains strong language, please do not read on if this would offend you. When you can’t have children, Mother’s Day approaches with all the expectancy and welcome of a drunk uncle at Christmas.  A whole day dedicated to celebrating your greatest pain and designed to make you feel more…


Please Don’t Numb Your Soul

By On 21 July 2015

“Why bring up the past?”, “Can’t you just move on?”, “What good is it to keep going over this stuff?” I hear questions like these fairly regularly, especially since we started blogging about childlessness.  At their best they come from a place of love.  No one wants to see someone they love in pain so they try to move them…


We’re All in the Closet

By On 14 August 2014

Today I’ve been thinking about a Christian celeb by the name of Vicky Beeching who came out as gay in a national newspaper this morning. It got me thinking not because it’s unusual but because it’s so very usual. The life she had been living prior to today sounds like hell. She lived one life and felt another. It was…



By On 27 January 2014

I was about ten, it was after school, and I was fighting with one of my friends. It’s a cliché I know but boys fight from a young age, it’s what we do. Around about the time I was sitting on his head, we may instinctively fight but no one teaches us how to do it, our teacher leans out…


Fist Fighting with God

By On 19 June 2013

Last week we found out our sixth baby had died.  Two weeks before there had been a much better scan, we saw a tiny baby and a tiny heartbeat and we were briefly very happy.  I say briefly because we had been there before and the heartbeat, somewhere along the way had stopped, and so it happened again.  At some…