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Esther Thorpe

Esther is a vicar's wife and an avid origami fan, with a background in both graphic design and teaching primary aged children. She and her husband, Ben, are currently based in sunny Kent. They have 2 fabulous house rabbits, called Hugo and Florence.



By On 1 November 2015

I can’t get my head around it – a year ago I didn’t know my daughter. In fact it’s been barely 11 months since I first heard her name, saw a tiny image of her face, imagined what it’d be like to meet her. It’s impossible to put into words those first emotions. Ben came running up the stairs saying…


Beauty for Ashes

By On 2 November 2014

Sometimes it’s not until you feel so incredibly liberated that you realise just how trapped you were. We were so trapped, in the cycle of miscarriages & disappointment. We were pretty much on loop. It’s so exhausting and all-encompassing. You wrestle with not making it your focus, you try your hardest to ‘just not think about it’ as you have…


It’s Not Mine

By On 4 April 2014

Recently I’ve been baffled. I discovered that some of my nearest and dearest think I’m strong. This is certainly not a word I would associate with myself. Ultimately, I’d be fooling you all if I claimed I was a strong person; I cry {a lot} I get angry, with small trivial things & massive life changing things I find it…


The Plan

By On 28 June 2013

Isaiah 28:29 | All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent. It’s funny that as humans we feel the need to make plans. We plan so much of our lives all the time and so often neglect to consult our creator God about it, who knows us far better than we will…